Teenage room – how to arrange?

When arranging a room for a young person, we must remember to organize his or her basic sleeping and study areas. Of course, a comfortable bed is a base, a place to study too. Ideally, there should also be a relaxation and play zone where he can relax and spend time with his guests. If possible, each of these zones should be a separate place. The learning zone should be associated with concentration and support it, while the relaxation zone should be associated with fun and relaxation. We realize that not always and in every room there is such an option, but we should always strive for the ideal, i.e. to separate such zones in the room.

Such division can be made by differentiating their wall colours. For example, a sleep and study zone in calm colors, while a play zone in a more intense color, which is also kind of stimulating. However, one should remember moderation here, the colours should fit together so as not to introduce the impression of visual clutter. Intense and juicy colours should not be the majority of the walls in a room, but a maximum of two. The colours of the walls should of course be chosen according to the teenager’s angle, as well as his equipment and accessories.

Of course, it is us as adults who should supervise the whole project, which is to arrange a room for a young person, but first of all we should take into account his taste and preferences. This is because it is him who is to feel good and safe in there. His room should also be a kind of asylum.

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