How to light up the bedroom?

The appearance of the bedroom is influenced not only by the furniture and colours of the walls, but also by the lighting. A bedroom is a room where artificial light is used more often than in others. This light has a slightly different function than in other rooms. It is supposed to build the mood of the interior, relax, introduce an intimate atmosphere.

Thanks to such a combination we will get the effect of diffused light, which will have a more decorative, mood-building character or we will get stronger interior lighting if needed. The colour of light emitted by bulbs is also important. It should be warm, bringing out the colour of walls. Nowadays, thanks to LED lighting, we can choose light bulbs or lighting strips that best suit our needs. The warm colour of light can also be achieved in a more traditional way by using semi-transparent lampshades or lampshades.

Many people like to read before going to bed, but you should not forget about the comfort of the other person. A lamp with a focused beam of light, which falls only on the chosen space without disturbing the sleep of the person sleeping next to it, turns out to be helpful in this case. Such lamps should be placed from 65 to 75 cm above the mattress.

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