How to choose a table and chairs?

A table is a very important part of every house or apartment. It is the place where whole families finally meet for common meals or conversations.

Before we try to buy a table and chairs, we should first find out how much space we can allocate for them and where such a set should stand. Ideally, there should be a separate room for a dining room or at least a living room or kitchen. If we have enough space, we can put a small table in the kitchen for everyday use (e.g. for quick meals like breakfast before work, etc.). However, we know the reality and we know that this is not always possible. Kitchens are often quite small, often there is enough space for kitchen cabinets and necessary equipment.

We should first decide on the shape of the table and its size before unfolding. The table shouldn’t be too big, because using it will be uncomfortable. If we have little space on a daily basis we can decide on a compact table of 80×80 cm, so it won’t take up much space and can be unfolded if necessary – and here’s another thing we should pay attention to – the size of the table after unfolding. If we have a usable area of 2.5 meters and the table is unfolded to 3 meters, we know that we will never take advantage of its possibilities in 100%. In this situation there is no point in buying such a big table, especially as they are usually more expensive.

The important thing is the choice of chairs – it is worth considering ordering a set from one manufacturer, then we are most sure that we will choose the closest colour of wood, but of course it is not necessary. Most manufacturers offer quite a large color palette, so if we decide to order chairs from another manufacturer we shouldn’t have any problems with choosing the right color for the table. The types of chairs are very high, low, high, upholstered, with a hard seat, wooden, on a metal frame… It is only up to us to decide which one we choose. The most important thing in this choice is to fit them to everyday users to make them as comfortable as possible.

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